Your project, our pride


Where would we be without you?

MIRALUwould not be the leading powder-coated aluminium manufacturer it is today without the ingenuityand at times crazy ambitionsof its architect and façade maker clients.

MIRALU – driven by the ingenuity of architects

We learn from and build our expertiseon the experiencesof architects, façade makers, and sign makers whom we work with and who use our products. At MIRALU, we strive to develop and maintain close working relationships with our clients in order to offer support, advice and alistening ear from project inception through to completion.

This section is for you

We wanted to give you, MIRALUproduct users, astage to shine.
We are immensely proud to have been able to help, in our own small way, in your boldly ambitious architectural projects.

Is your architecture firm missing from our portfolio?

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