MIRALU’s DNA: Know-how, Visions and Values.

Our Know-How

MIRALU is a SME specialising in the production of pre-coated aluminium coils, using powder-based paints. This is achieved by continuous processing of fast curing powder paints.
Leader in France and Europe alike, MIRALU is the preferred supplier of all building professionals, and, in particular, of project developers, architects and facade specialists.
The production unit, housed in a 6,000 m² building, consists of a continuous process powder coil coating line and a levelling and cutting to length line.
To meet the ever-increasing demand of its customers, MIRALU has set itself the challenge of investing in a new production line.

Our Vision

15 years on, MIRALU’s investment in this new coil coating line will allow it to enter a phase of full maturity and so take a significant step forward.
In the course of these years, MIRALU’s environment has also profoundly changed: in terms of competition, industry, our customers expectations and, more generally, our societal environment.
Given the ever-faster pace of such changes, MIRALU must do all it can to anticipate and understand them.

Our Values

Respect for people and the environment is deeply rooted in MIRALU’s values. Our Saint-Chamond production site places health, safety, and sustainable development at the heart of its production process.
In concrete terms, restrictive but essential measures were taken very early on. The use of chromium was totally abolished in 2006. Our choice of powder coil coating has also enabled us to do away with chemical solvents. The waste generated by production is treated internally, which has allowed us to become “zero-waste”.