Our know-how

Ever since it was set up in the industrial zone of Stelytec in Saint-Chamond (Loire, 42), MIRALU has offered its customers flexibility, quality and service, with a constant concern for their satisfaction


MIRALU is a SME specialising in the production of pre-coated aluminium coils, using powder-based paints. This is achieved by continuous processing of fast curing powder paints.
Leader in France and Europe alike, MIRALU is the preferred supplier of all building professionals, and, in particular, of project developers, architects and facade specialists.

The production unit, housed in a 6,000 m² building, consists of a continuous process powder coil coating line and a levelling and cutting to length line.
To meet the ever-increasing demand of its customers, MIRALU has set itself the challenge of investing in a new production line. The company will thus increase its capacity and expand into new markets thanks to the existing ranges.

Since it was first set up in 2002, MIRALU has enlarged its product range. Thicknesses vary from 6/10 to 30/10, while lengths attain 10,000 mm. What’s more, the decors proposed are both innovative and attractive.
Over the last 10 years, MIRALU has increased its sales volume fourfold and made itself indispensable for its customers, Who appreciate our company’s attentiveness to their needs, its quality and its sense of service.

For many years now MIRALU’s expertise has been recognised and praised by building and industrial professionals.


MIRALU boasts a laboratory at the cutting edge of technology on its production site. This enables MIRALU to ensure product traceability, as well as very tight control of raw materials and finished products, Allowing us to guarantee deliveries conform to customer requirements. The strategic materials required for product design, together with all outgoing batches, are validated by means of various tests:

  • Accelerated corrosion – Mira test
  • Bending
  • Colour
  • Sheen

To guarantee the satisfaction of its customers, and the health and safety of its employees, as well as to control its environmental footprint, MIRALUhas set up rigorous methods. Such methods have resulted in it being awarded a number of certifications and labels: ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001(environment), OHSAS 18001 (health, safety), ECCA Premium(resistance, durability).

MIRALU, a committed brand

Miralu bend over backwards for the satisfaction of its customers

Quality no.1: Attention to detail

Thanks to the flexibility of its production tool, MIRALU can produce orders in small quantities (as from 500 kg), deliverable within 2 weeks. Moreover, as the MIRALU products have no checkerboard effect, they can be laid in any direction, ensuring complete freedom of layout. Two good reasons to order just what you need, limit wastage, and simplify your project follow-ups.

Quality no.3: Bending expertise

MIRALU’s powder coating know-how allows it to offer products of unmatched quality in terms of bending and forming. Such performance guarantees an optimum level of corrosion resistance.

Quality no.2: Fulfilling our commitments

Able to produce countertypes in just 15 days, MIRALU supplies its customers with more than 3,000 samples per year. To guarantee a realistic rendering and colour fidelity, MIRALU has created a BIM (Business Intelligence Modelling) catalogue, a 3D modelling process that allows architects, bending experts, and manufacturers to share a common “language”.

Quality no.4: Responsiveness

MIRALU’s location, at the crossroads of Europe, allows it to benefit from all the air, rail and road network infrastructures. This excellent logistics means MIRALU can respond promptly to customers’ demands both in France and world-wide.