How long have you been working for Miralu ?

I have been working since September 2008; for 8 years now.

What is your position in Miralu?

I started out as a production operative in the powder-coating booths; the lungs of the coating line. . I’ve also worked on the line as an operator. So I know our production process from beginning to end.

How would you describe a typical day?

I have a daily planning of all my tasks i.e. preparation of the powders supplies, control of the production, the guns, and the whole machine actually. And for all changes of colours, we always clean the cabins manually and automatically.

Since we are working in 3 shifts, we are also in charge of the transmissions of the instructions to the following team. Personally I am working in 2 shifts.


What do you particularly appreciate in your job?

We are two processing agent in the painting cabins, and we are constantly in contact with the other colleagues of the production line for the smooth running of the production. We are also working with the colleagues of the maintenance. Our role is also to help during the phases of tests of new devices which concern my competence and my area of the production line.

e. I like as well working on the problems that can occur during the production. Je suis toujours intéressé la résolution des problématiques, tout cela en collaboration avec la maintenance.

How would you describe the atmosphere in Miralu?

There is a good atmosphere. We get along well with the colleagues of all the services. Our factory is clean and it is pleasant to work here.

Do you have some hobbies?

I have one passion, running. Particularly semi marathon and 10 kilometres. This passion already leads me for 12 years. It is relaxant, and that allows me to change atmosphere, to change from the routine.
I also like the home-made good cooking. I like cooking every types of cooking.

Djilali, processing agent on the painting cabins

“for 8 years now”