Miralu's sample

3000 samples by year


Les échantillons


Bent, touched, deformed but always appreciated, the samples are THE privileged link between the customers and Miralu.

Everyone is asking for colours!

In 2015, we were asked to provide almost 3,000 samples! With a special craze for the textured finishes: Black 2100, grey 2600, grey 2800, 7016, etc.

With unusual destination such as: Dubai, USA, Canada…, and with different dimensions A5 – A4 – A3 – 1mt X 1mt

The aim is the validation but at different levels:

  • Colour and gloss
  • 0T Bending, Bending radius
  • ..
  • Fiberor CO2 laser cut
  • Transparent protection film on mat colours
  • Opaque protection film with high UV resistance
  • Gluing on wood panels
  • Gluing on expanded foam
  • Resistanceto chemical products

And also for other applications

  • Radiators,
  • Cleaning rooms,
  • Electrical boxes,
  • Lighting,
  • ..